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mild day today. we'll be in the upper 60s today. satellite radar. and today you can see the rain showers out to the west. cold front strong one too. temperatures early this morning in the 50s in ohio and back to chicago in the 30s. that cold front means business. a little sunshine here early. cloud up for much of your holiday here monday, and the rain will get in here later tonight and tomorrow. we're not expecting rain around here today but the clouds will move in shortly. 56 right now in washington. 58 out at dulles and 50 at bwi marshal. up towards baltimore and across the bay, we have had fog issues. if you are headed in that direction, you may encounter fog. forecast gets better from here and into the afternoon hours, we're looking at decent conditions with high temperatures in the upper 60s to 70. 68 in washington.
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and mid 60s north and west. more details on the weather including a look at a cooler 7 day forecast. back to you up stairs. >> president obama honoring the nation's veterans at a solemn sermony at the tomb of the unknown. no ceremony, no parade is enough to honor the service of our men and women in uniform. >> and on the anniversary of the vietnam war, there was a special anniversary of the vietnam. >> the soldier's statue, the vietnam women's memorial and the wall with 58,000 names on tchlt the most popular ataxowith 4 million visiting each year. and the recent edition, a
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ceremony honoring the aging world war ii vets. officially veteran's day was yesterday but is being observed today. so no post office and government workers have to work today. following our big story this morning, information continues to come forward between excia director david patraeus. >> he resigned on friday after he admitted to the affair. now congress wants answers. melanie is here with the latest on this resignation. >> heart breaking and tragic are some of the words congress people are using to describe this. although, it is involving respected military leaders and they say they were blindsided. questions about the timing of the investigation and resignation. he was scheduled to testify thursday about his
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fact-finding mission into the attack. the sudden resignation means his deputy will testify instead. the fbi had been investigating threatening e-mails sent to another woman said to be a family friend. investigators determined he did not have anything to do with the e-mails still members of congress said they should have been confidentially briefed. and may still call the general to testify. many wish it didn't have to come to this. we know that paula also is married, has two children. really just a tragedy all around. >> it is. >> there's a lot of talk about whether he should have actually resigned or not considering what's about to happen with the testimony and everything. >> one of the things is first of all, you have a secret affair. and a secret affair, those things can be exploited. and then also you have a code of
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conduct. and it says that he engaged in inappropriate behavior and behavior he certainly would not accept from his subordinates and holds himself to a higher standard. >> you talked about the woman in this having two kids. what about holly patraeus? >> she was starting up the office of service member affairs and we had a lot to talk about because we are both daughters of military officers and the military is her life. and she also has been giving so much of her time to advocating on behalf of service members and their families and i know all of this is making people that know her sick and they really really hope that she's going to be able to get through this and her work advocating for service members will continue. >> good work. thank you so much. a busy week ahead for
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president barack obama as he works to avoid the fiscal cliff. tomorrow he will meet with business leaders. set to hold talks with leaders of congress. and have until january to reach a compromise or $700 million of tax increases or spending cuts will take affect. secretary of homeland security is visiting some of the hardest hit areas. insured residents of the recovery efforts being made. her visit comes from many are still in the dark two weeks after the storm. 120,000 still without power. new york governor has criticized the companies for being unprepared. power companies say they are doing all they can. >> some other top stories this morning. investigators hope surveillance video will help
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them catch the two men. the crime happened two weeks ago. the night hurricane sandy hit. the robbie might be related to other crimes in the area. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. you can remain anonymous. police are still on the hunt for two men believed to be involved in a taco bell manager. the manager was shot when he confronted people who were fighting in the parking lot. that fight had spill over from a nearby pizza hut. the manager is still in critical condition. meantime, a house in montgomery county is a total loss. you can see the home is engulfed in flames. this happened around 10:00 last night. no one was hurt. investigators have not said anything about what caused this particular blaze.
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>> a house explosion making headlin this morning. this happened in indianapolis. but investigators still don't know what caused it. >> the explosion was big. 80s homes were affected by this blast. reaction from one of the homeowners. >> a vigil has been held for a teacher and her husband. the pair were killed saturday night after an unexplained explosion ripped through their neighborhood. two homes were leveled during this. five areexpected to be demolish6 more uninhabitable. it was like a scene out of a movie but all too real for some. >> it woke e up and i pulled up and it just kept shaking and i thought it's crumbling. >> massive explosion has left homes damaged or destroyed. >> i was sleeping on my bed and the windows and flames came in. my wife started screaming. i didn't know what was going on.
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>> 200 people have been evacuated. on sunday, some were allowed to return to their homes but not without taking precaution. >> we had a police officer escorted us back there and a fire chief that walked through the house with us. he would go into the rooms and make sure they were all right to walk through before we were able to go in there. >> others were denied access to the residence. the homes deemed too unsafe. >> we want to get in and get more things so we can get ourselves situated. >> donations have been pouring in. meanwhile, authorities are investigating why the blast occurred and have not ruled out any possibilities. some residents say they are eager to know what could have caused some destruction. >> it was a lot of destruction. whatever caused this destruction which as of right now i don't believe has been determined, i'm excited to find out. i really want to know. >> early damage estimated suggests repair costs could be
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upwards of $3 million. they still aren't sure what caused this yet. >> thanks. >> well, a lawyer for a man who is languishing in a prison in cuba says his treatment amounts to torture. the family says he has lost more than 100 pounds and has a growth on his right shoulder. he is a specialist who has worked in 50 countries but was arrested for spying and sentenced to 15 years. his lawyer just sent a letter to the united nations saying cuba is not following the antitorture treating. >> we are honored to have local veterans in our studio to share stories with us. >> rich with history. we can't give them the time needed to talk about it. we're going to try. find out how they have helped our nation when we come back on this honoring veteran's day. 
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millions of men and women have sacrificed their lives. thousands lose their lives in battle. today we honor them and learn more from those who survived. we have a full panel here today. joining me thousand three veterans are our area from the korean war good morning to you. and colonel david clark. 60 anniversary of the war anniversary. thank you for being with us. sergeant robert miles is first class. good morning to you. sitting next to me charles mcgee with the tugeegee airman. good morning to you. and last but not least major kurt lee.
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first chinese american officer in the marine corp. we're sitting with living history today. still vibrant and we want to hear your stories. first, i want to ask you colonel clark about this drive and mission to honor this special group of veterans that are often overlooked. >> it's said the korean war is the forgotten war. back in 2010 with the start which was the 60th anniversary, congress designated the stand up of the 60th anniversary committee. department of defense took the lead. the army has the lead within the department of defense to make this period. we want to make it as vibrant and wonderful as possible to try to correct some of that perception that the war was forgotten.
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to their service was forgotten. >> it is not forgotten. >> you have a special presentation. but i want to hear these stories. what we try to do here today is bring the three of you gentleman together and have you talk a bit before we came here. my first question is what did you all talk about? >> shake a hand and share in the times that we didn't realize we were probably almost rubbing shoulders and to be able to shake a hand and represent the others is a real pleasure. >> did you share war stories or just to say we're here and i'm going to go out on a limb and say you didn't ever say we're getting our due now because men and women i've talked to that have served like this, that doesn't come out of their mouths. did you talk about the time you shared together in the
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korean war? >> just a little. i was with the 19th regiment in the infantry. and the colonel was flying above us shooting at the enemy from airplanes right over top of us. he supported us. >> when you spoke earlier with your fellow in arms, what was the discussion like earlier today here? >> well, unfortunately, i didn't get too involved with discussing with them about the war. although, i'm very knowledgeable about the situation. it was a very urgent situation when the marines had to form a complete division to help affect the landing. and the marines
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had to reactivate a unit, a whole regiment. but within a period of only two weeks, we went to war. so the training was very on the job out there in korea. we were involved my particular unit with the landing battle. the first chinese intervention and at the chosen reservoir. of all these men that were out there, 27 out of 220 who went initially, only 27 were able to board ship in the final evacuation from korea. >> let me ask you, sir, as the first asian american officer in
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the corp you were asked to translate right? and you said no i want to fight? >> i wasn't really the first chinese or asian american in the marine corp. i was the first regular officer of asian extraction. and my intention was to join the marine corp to fight and not to serve as a translator. >> to fight the communist. >> yes. >> let me ask you colonel mcgee, you flew 409 missions in several different conflicts; correct? >> yes. >> awarded the medal of honor by president bush. when you sit here today on veteran's day, what goes through your mind as you sit here in your uniform today? >> realizing that we represent an important bit of our country's history and what it
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meant to support allies and preserve south korea at the time. certainly, some gave their full measure and we solute them and remember them on an occasion like this and realize we're sitting here representing a great number of americans. >> the story of the tuskegee airman has been told and that honor is coming to this special group of men. how does that sit opposed with the korean war and as colonel davis said -- clark said earlier, often forgotten war. how does that sit in contrast and how about this feeling being forgotten at times? >> we have to understand we were
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supporting united nations resolution and hadn't declared war against japan or china but we were supporting the conflict. and that's why many folks don't understand that there's a difference there and certainly the political ramifications of what determines the outcome. and we still have a divided korea. we're not happy over the lives that were lost but we are glad south korea is standing tall. >> last but not least, i want to talk about your service. joined the army in 1948 and five campaigns during your service. when you sit here today, what is the main message you'd like the viewers to know not just about the war but about service as a whole? >> preparedness. that would be my message. we were totally unprepared.
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it was terrible. officers were real short . supervision was real short. people were real short. we gave up everything after world war ii and just came home. and here we are spread out worldwide with a half a million people in the army. and it wasn't enough. we are bound to do the same thing about. unload the military and i think it's a terrible mistake. we have to keep a high standard of military on hand for these things that strike like lightning. >> my humble apologies colonel clark on that. you have a very special presentation. we wanted to save time for that. >> as you may know, as part of our activity, we're trying to reach as many veterans as we can
9:22 am
during the 3 year period. we've already reached thousands. one of the special things we do when we attend events is try to present a certificate and put a certificate appreciation in the hands of each of our veterans. signed by the secretary of events. and if you look at their chest, they have all the accolades the nation can give them. why the korean war is important. why it was fought. why these sacrifices are made. and this is a small token of our appreciation from a grateful nation. i would like to present the crtificates to these three gentleman who will have to find a place in their busy walls to put it up. but if i could do that. >> yes, sir. >> and also i'd like to say to all-american veterans out there, happy veteran's day. this is a wonderful day.
9:23 am
should be commemorated across the country and we're happy to be a part of it. what i'd like to do is quickly read the certificate. it reads in recognize of honorable service during the korean war in democracy and freedom. through your sacrifice, liberty triumphed over teerny. and signed secretary of defense. if i could present this to you mr. miles on behalf of a grateful nation and the department of defense. thank you for your honorable service. >> thank you, sir. >> colonel mcgee. on behalf of a grateful nation. thank you for an honorable service. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> major lee on behalf of a grateful nation, thank you for
9:24 am
an honorable service. >> thank you. >> all of you, thank you so much for being here. we'll be right back. >> thank you. you.
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welcome back. a man who immigrated to the boston area from brazil is $20,000 richer after finding loads of $100 bills inside a book. he read newspapers and got a book from a recycling facility and inside he found the cash. the father of two has a conscious and keeps thinking of the owner or owner's children out there in need of the money. if we cannot find it, i at least try. how can i go to bed every single day asleep and know
9:28 am
i got all this money. i don't need to be recognized by people as just like to do my part and god knows what i'm doing. >> he has held on to the money for the last month while searching for the owners. >> you found her. here i am. thank you. >> all you have to do is tell them what book. >> and what page it was on. >> trying to guess what book it's in. >> it's hard. >> you know it's somebody's. >> it's a large sum of cash. >> what if it's from a long time ago and that person isn't around. >> and you think this is a gift. just a little gift. i don't know. you can't ever do the wrong thing by being completely honest. >> somebody claims he's going to get it. >> if it is from like 100 years, i hope he gets to keep it. >> if the bills are from 100
9:29 am
years ago, they would look different. might be a give away. all right. let's do the weather forecast. >> i thought of that as soon as i said that. >> i think libraries are closed today. the week starts warm and cludy but you can go out and rake leaves. like wisdom and family. >> the kids. >> they need a supervisor. >> i do that from the garage with lemonade. >> week starts warm and cloudy. temperatures back up to the 70s. the clouds are moving in here from the west as our cold front starts to move in. you know what, cool overnight but not terribly cold. upper 40s to 50 or 60. here comes the warmup. north and west, you are starting to see the clouds move in. 58 in hagers town. one more warm day.
9:30 am
enjoy the afternoon. cooler air on the way. cloud cover moving in from the west. mostly cloudy this afternoon . there are breaks. it's not going to be completely overcast. the trend will be more and more. when the rain comes through, we're not expecting heavy rain. quarter of an inch of rain later tonight. after about 10:00 tonight. between 10 tonight and 8 or 9:00 tomorrow morning, that's when the rain will move through. and when the front gets east of us, the winds are going to pick up and the cooler and drier air will filter in. only top out in the low 50s. here's your future cast. put it in motion for you. dry for most of the day. there's the rain shower activity at 3:00 tomorrow morning and linger for the morning commute. plan ahead and leave a few minutes early tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon, right back in the sunshine and cooler air which is here to stay for the remainder of the week. 68.
9:31 am
enjoy the warmer temperature s. winds are picking up later today. gusts of 15. a nice warm breeze. still mild for this time of year. one more warm day. here come the cooler temperatures. tomorrow an early shower and get it out of here and cooler weather for the remainder of the week. nothing too extreme here. along with plenty of sunshine for the middle and end of the week. all right. wisdom, back to you and allison at the desk. >> thank you very much. more foreign students are attending colleges in the united states. according to a new study. nearly 6% last year driven by 23% increase from china. much of the growth is at midwest schools. five years ago 87 undergraduates from china at indiana university and now it's over 2000. it is giving cyber monday a
9:32 am
run for its monday. the chinese have observed what's known as single's day on november 11th. it's the version of valentine's day for people without partners. online consumers spent $1.6 billion this year. that would make it the biggest e comers sales day on record. >> really? >> yes. >> pieces of jewelry found aboard the titanic are making debut. purse found on ship during a research mission. they will go on display on friday at the titanic artifacts exhibition. the joules will move to orlando and las vegas. also will be diamond earrings, broaches and a gold pocket watch. >> i love jewelry. i like shiny things
9:33 am
. >> so do i, like cars. >> we'll be right back with the buzz bin. alright let's break it down.
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back in a big way. sky fall raked in $88 million. >> that's enough. >> this week which breaks a record for any 007 opening. rounding out the top five? flight, argo and taken 2. bono at georgetown tonight. speak about creating change through the power of social movement. bono has been a force behind many organizations particularly in africa. he was named person of the year in 2005.
9:37 am
>> looks like the biebs will be writing new love songs. the pop star and selina have gone separate ways. he says he is confident the two will work things out. they dated for about two years. according to friends a few other splits but this is the first one that the pair have confirmed. >> it's so hard being young, rich and popular. >> all right. coming up, fried, poached, boiled, scrambled. we're talking about eggs this morning. a woman is hoping her egg recipe will score her a big prize. >> we are meeting adorable dogs and learning more about the old ees but goodies. we'll be right back. 
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it was a long way down for one curious cat on a telephone
9:41 am
pole. neighbors called bg and e crews to rescue the cat who had been stuck up there for four days. the lineman raised a bucket, the cat decided i've had enough and time to go. the cat jumped down 30 feet and took off running. >> he said i'm bored with this attention. cats are so interesting. let's talk about dogs now. oldies but goodies have been finding dogs all across the country. joining us this morning, is this a puppy jam? joining us is jim mitch. good morning. >> thank you for having us. >> tell us about the rescue. >> we've been around since 1996. we have about 200 volunteers. unpaid. we rescue about 300
9:42 am
to 350 dogs that come in. >> if it's got a spaniel in it, you help him or her out. or get calls from shelters and get there and it's not but we'll take it anyway. >> that's what good folks like you do. you don't have necessarily a place. it's just that people foster. >> we have about 50 of our volunteers are fosters. we don't have a facility. we have vets that we'll do temporary kennelling with. a facility is a lot of money. we'd rather use the money to get the medical expenses taken care of and assess them and get them normal. >> that's what you do. when a spaniel come s in, tell us what the process is? you get him or her evaluated. up to date on shots.
9:43 am
>> we test for heart worm, lime. all the different types of ailments. and then once we get them stabilized, foster home and evaluate them to see are they good with kids or cats. they have all kinds of personalities. how would you classify a cocker spaniel, but it's not a fair question. >> not totally fair. it's hard to stereotype breeds. cocker spaniels are good with families. they love being around people. they love to be in the room with you. they are wonderful dogs. >> let's talk about this dog. he wants attention>> yeah . >> and he deserves it. >> this is coyote charlie. i'm going to let him down. he likes to mess around on the carpet. charlie came to us from tennessee. he was found after
9:44 am
coyote attack. we got him after the shelter stabilized him. he had abscesses and he's a tough little guy. but sweet. >> do you know how old he is? >> about 8. we like dogs that age. you know exactly what you are getting into. >> and who is my guy? >> this is brady. and brady is a turn in from the local area. he came from a foreign service family. very good boy. he has his own passport. he's traveled the world . the schedule is getting too crazy for him. so they thought a quieter home. >> and i see his choice of nation is proudly displayed on his back. he needs to go right here to somebody. >> he likes the states. >> they are both beautiful. both available and up for adoption. how do we meet puppies with the adoption event snz. >> we have adoption events
9:45 am
coming up at the dog bakery. you can see some of the other events. we have about 60 to 80 dogs in our system. >> i didn't ask the age. >> he's about 8 too. >> also about 8. >> that's a good age. >> it is. >> they live to 14 or 15. >> the benefit, sorry to interrupt but i have to get the benefits in. they are great. you know the temperament and no puppy chewing up toys. >> they are past the teenage years except for maybe this guy. >> i almost didn't live. so i'm going to live every second. >> this is jim mitch. our web site is if you are interested. i'm going to let you know. interested in either of these two or adoptioning a spaniel. go to our web site and we'll link you up. hurricane sandy and the election made it hard to fit in pet of the day but didn't mean we didn't see
9:46 am
the photos. this morning we're saying hi to bandit. looks like he is having a relaxing week. and if you haven't eaten your breakfast, this may make you hungry. >> good morning. i don't know what kind of news you are expecting today but waiting to hear if she won $10,000 and all has to do with a recipe she came up with involving eggs. we're going to explain it all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. >> today's fox 5 buzz bin brought to you by where others fail, droid powers through. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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now more than ever droid does.
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oh, baby. a maryland family more than doubles in size after welcoming four new babies. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is a family in kent county.
9:50 am
the mom gave birth to quadruplets. they are healthy and have a 3 year old big brother. >> oh, my goodness. >> that's quite a load. >> yes, it is. a lot of love. in a short amount of time. >> one local woman might have a dish worth $10,000. her recipe made it to the final round of the eggland's best contest. we wanted to try it. >> holly is with her at the drafting table in northwest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are 20 semi finalists in the nation. and one of them is in our area. she happens to be standing right next to me. she is waiting. are you getting a phone call? e-mail? >> i think they are going to send a parade. i don't know. >> if we see a parade, it's good news. waiting to see if
9:51 am
she's the grand prize winner of the recipe contest. >> first annual recipe contest. >> and you decided to enter the appetizer. and you came up with what? >> this is a salad called an israeli salad. and i love how they ate salad for every meal. >> you were saying they would eat this for breakfast? >> protein and the hard boiled eggs and veggies. very healthy start to the day. >> let's get started. >> what we have here is you can start to put it together. we're going to dump everything in there. those are quartered grape or cherried tomatoes and we have cucumber. and hard boiled eggs. and really finally diced red onion. can be overpowering. and then i'm going to top off fresh parsley.
9:52 am
>> did you see the competition in a magazine? >> i think i saw a tweet about it. i said i'm going to enter. so this was one that people have loved. smell this dressing. it's a lemon garlic dressing. super flavor full. and the dressing is just tahini and fresh lemon juice, garlic. a little honey and a little salt. we're going to pour this in here. >> if you don't win the grand prize, if you win category you could win $1,000. >> i could. or i could win nothing. >> you won by being on fox 5 morning news. >> are you nervous? >> no. it would be such fun and what would i do with $10,000? >> what would you do?
9:53 am
>> maybe take my family on a trip. maybe next summer take a special trip and give part of it to martha's table up the street. i love working with them. >> i love this. it is fabulous. >> we should celebrate with a drink. >> i'm in. >> i know just the person who can make us one. this is the barman jury here at drafting table. all about eggs this morning. you are going to make us a cook tail with a raw egg. >> we call it the drafting table flip. an ounce of burbon. about a half ounce of deserono. one full egg that is raw. >> i'm thinking like caberea. did you know you signed up for this? >> i did. >> much better than when rocky did it.
9:54 am
about a tablespoon. >> is it safe to drifrpg a raw egg? >> is this sugar? >> it is. >> if rocky did it, it should be fine. you are going to give it a real good -- you'll be ready for it. totally ready. >> is this a popular drink? >> it is. for this time of season it has an egg knock taste. and with the burbon warm you up. >> rock paper scissors as to who try it's? >> you first. >> is that cinnamon? >> that is nut meg. >> if i drink this and you win the $10,000, can i go on the trip with you? >> deal. >> all right. here we go. actually, i'm not sharing. it
9:55 am
is really good. >> that's okay. >> and we've learned eggs are good. they should be in your diet. and celebrate eating them especially here at the drafting table. it opened this fall. come on out and enjoy. i'm not kidding, it's really good. >> we believe you. >> all right. tucker is back in just a moment to tell us how this fall weather is going to sti a >> as we take you to the break, don't forget to send in your questions for ask allison. never too early to start asking questions. we do this every friday morning right here during the 9:00 hour on fox 5 morning news. head to and click on the morning tab. very popular. >> it's legendary in epic proportions. >> we'll be right back. 
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all right. the u.s. capitol christmas tree is headed to dc. the 73-foot-tall spruce made a stop in denver. part of its 3 week 5,000 mile trip. the tree was picked from the white river national forest in colorado. expected to arrive november 26th. the tree lighting ceremony will be held next month. >> all right. here we go. >> going to be a beautiful tree. live shot. we have leaves on the trees. things will be changing here and winds pick up later this afternoon and tonight as we will await the arrival of the cold front. one more mild day today. upper 60s to 70. rain tonight into early tomorrow morning and clear out. but notice we're going to cool down by the middle of the week. get ready for cooler air after today. >> thanks, tuck. >> we appreciate it. and thank you very much for

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